My Journey Through a Toxic World: Styrofoam

I was sitting at my desk at the start of the day with my coffee that I had brought from home, my coffee that was resting nicely in my convenient, styrofoam cup, and Dr. Bonnie said, “Please stop using styrofoam cups.”


Well, I decided to do some research. I’ve now researched styrofoam, and OH MY GOSH! The harmful effects of styrofoam have been known since 1973, and the EPA found residues of the product in human fat cells back in 1986.

According to , “The ‘styrene’ present in Styrofoam cups and other such containers has the ability to percolate the food or beverages carried in them. The foods can be anything, ranging from hot or cold drinks, snacks, alcohols to acidic eatables. Styrene is a suspected carcinogen (capable of causing cancer) and neurotoxin (poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue).

Styrofoam carries a host of other adverse health effects:

  • Irritation and mucous secretion from eyes and nose.
  • Increased levels of fatigue and decreased concentration ability.
  • Increased levels of abnormal pulmonary function and cancer.
  • Disrupts normal hormone functions resulting in thyroid problems and other hormone related problems.”

7266564_origAdditionally, Styrofoam is very harmful to the environment, and although it can be recycled, most companies will not do so because it is such an expensive process. Oh, and by the way, if he mayor of New York  thinks it is crucial to ban single-use styrofoam products which in turn prompted Dunkin Donuts to begin phasing out styrofoam cups, then I think it is important enough for us to stop and take notice and rid our our lives of styrofoam. 

That’s it! No more styrofoam for me! This is also means requesting a different container for my “to-go” box at restaurants. How about you?

Please know that I am not trying to cause paranoia but rather awareness, an awareness that could ultimately improve your health! The truth is that we have become a society of individuals spoiled by convenience.

Consequently, these daily conveniences often times are hurting our health and causing illnesses that we never knew to associate with the products we buy. Personally, I am learning more everyday, and it is enough to convict me to do better and make different choices, even if that means I might be inconvenienced by putting my to-go coffee in a stainless steel mug instead of a styrofoam cup.

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