“Our Dads”

It doesn’t have to be a national day in June to remember Our Dads.

“Our Dads”

by Angela St.Clair

Family by marriage, yet acquaintances

Born two decades apart

and neither saw sameness in their journeys

Yet, now, after they’re gone

I see

I see farm boys

raised to work

to respect

to value

I see athletes

determined to win

to unite

to support

I see devoted men

to God and family

I see compassionate men

to all they encountered, from neighbors to strangers

I see Our Dads

two lives worlds apart

yet connected by our “I Do”

I see Our Dads

Men who valued handshakes over signatures

Who taught us right from wrong

Honor from disgrace

Love from hate

I see our Dads, brothers now in Heaven

and I feel their presence, their embrace

We ache, yet celebrate

today and every day

Our Dads





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