Let the free-lancing begin!

I have two articles published in the latest issue of Newburgh Magazine, and it makes me excited! Last October when I left my position as a sales rep and began an unknown career journey, God reminded me of something. I can write. I love to write. I had dreams of becoming published, and I have an unfinished novel from years ago. He reminded me that I chose to put that dream on the back burner as I was trying to balance a marriage, career, and motherhood.

The epiphany came one Tuesday morning as I decided to take a break from the job search and pull my laptop up into bed with me. Determined to organize all of my files, I came across the “Personal” folder and became lost in my own words–from short stories to poetry and The Book.

“That’s it!” I proclaimed to myself. No matter where this journey leads me, I am a writer, and I will not abandon this dream, this talent, again.

Since then, I have written blogs for a doctor, created my own website and written my own blogs, entered a short story into competition, helped a couple of businesses by writing some key marketing pieces for them, been blessed with an English/journalism teaching position at Mater Dei High School and most recently been hired and published by Newburgh Magazine.

I am thankful. I am inspired. I teach, and I write. Life is good.


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