The Land

written April 30, 2018 Today, I listed The Land Daddy’s Land and I cried and I prayed and I surrendered Today, my brother drove The Truck the ’53 Chevy, their truck His and Daddy’s and I cried and I prayed and I surrendered Today, I asked my Brother “am doing the right thing?” “I’m sorry […]

Filing Cabinet Finds: Part 1

In my garage stands a filing cabinet that has remained closed for over three years, but a few weeks ago on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, I opened the drawers, one at a time to inspect the contents– to sort the items to keep from those to recycle or donate. Three years ago every item I […]

One-hour Delay

It’s a one-hour delay for students A meeting time for teachers topic unknown. acronym foreign THEN She speaks in a weighted tone filled with cold examples and questioning statistics BLIND SIGHTED. I’m stuck in this room. surrounded on all sides. It’s my job so I must stay. Yet, that hole in my heart widens while […]

“a Journey interrupted”

by Angela St.Clair exhaustion envelops inspiration motivates escape wheezing interrupts prophetic, comforting lyrics of vinyl stale air saturated with Pain hangs in the room foreshadowing the end of choice loss and brokenness fight to choke anger and confusion just as gratitude invades and a longing for peace promises to conquer

“7649 Linton Road”

by Angela St.Clair Beauty beckons the dirt road lost in towering trees Cobwebs and dust decorate displaying the intricate art of the mansion from a dream Birds talk. Leaves whistle. Wasps warn. as the music distracts Musty dampness lingers while the day’s sweat ignites comfort PEACE befalls the anxiety-laden longing Why How What If only […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Daddy:  July 18, 2016 Today, I celebrate You. My Dad. My Teacher. My Friend. Today, I celebrate You, complete with Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes, and ice-cream cake Today, I celebrate you because you gave me a life in this world and taught me the beauty of an eternal life in Heaven above Today, […]