The Land continued

IMG-1820by Angela M. Drennan St.Clair

Earlier this week, I signed the closing papers on the majority of Daddy’s land, and thinking about it takes my breath away a bit, but as I walked up the lane on Tuesday, I stopped to take a picture of the hillside, and my phone read 4:53–Daddy’s number 53 that follows me and comforts me. It’s been a journey letting go of the land, but I’m choosing gratitude over guilt. I’m forever thankful for the land—even though I still don’t like snakes, ticks or poison ivy. Lol. The land gave me a home, a sense of stability. It’s where I learned the importance of family meals, hard work, prayer, and God’s word. I hold eternal respect, love, and admiration for all Daddy did to teach me, provide for me, and raise me on the land.

IMG-1815As I continue the path of gratitude, I’m thankful for the Eddie Saupe family because I see the appreciation and excitement in their eyes when they stand on the land, and I know Daddy will enjoy watching them from the heavens as they raise their family on the Linton hillside.

I’m also thankful for my brother Eli, for his patience, understanding, and unconditional love as I continue to work through the flood of emotions that bind me to the land. I’m thankful for my former stepmom Julie for gifting me the land across the road (#futureretirementplace). IMG-1819

Lastly, I’m thankful for Angie, my realtor and my friend, who has been patient, kind, and supportive through this journey.

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