Buy a t-shirt and re-post.

So I bought the shirt because I knew I should, would feel guilty if I didn’t. Then, I logged onto FB and saw all these posts asking me to re-post so people know I’m listening. Suicide Awareness.  Apparently, Sept. 22 is the one day we humans are to stop and show awareness for this act […]


by Angela St.Clair. May 24, 2017 Today, I will go to my Daddy’s land to honor him, to mourn him to be still and feel God’s embrace Today marks three years since he left me and shattered my heart, my soul By God’s grace, I am not lost in my grief but I am growing […]

Take Your Stand

a circa 1992 poem written by my Daddy, Gene Drennan Night is far spent. the day is at hand. Cast off your works of darkness it’s high time you take your stand. the Lord shall come As a thief in the night Awake out of your sleep And stand in His glorious light  

“Our Dads”

It doesn’t have to be a national day in June to remember Our Dads. “Our Dads” by Angela St.Clair Family by marriage, yet acquaintances Born two decades apart and neither saw sameness in their journeys Yet, now, after they’re gone I see I see farm boys raised to work to respect to value I see […]

Let the free-lancing begin!

I have two articles published in the latest issue of Newburgh Magazine, and it makes me excited! Last October when I left my position as a sales rep and began an unknown career journey, God reminded me of something. I can write. I love to write. I had dreams of becoming published, and I have an […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Daddy:  July 18, 2016 Today, I celebrate You. My Dad. My Teacher. My Friend. Today, I celebrate You, complete with Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes, and ice-cream cake Today, I celebrate you because you gave me a life in this world and taught me the beauty of an eternal life in Heaven above Today, […]

Changed. Humbled. Inspired.

As I sit in my air-conditioned house and reflect on the week, I am changed. I am humbled. I am inspired. This past week, I joined my daughter’s youth group on their mission trip to Nashville, TN. I wasn’t supposed to be on this trip, but a friend on mine asked me to fill in for […]

His Suicide. My Journey.

If you opened up my chest, I’m sure you would see cracks and scar tissue from my shattered heart, and if you could touch my soul, I am convinced you would experience the ache that still longs for his presence. However, if you could sit next to my faith, I believe you would experience the warm […]